Rising Interest in OTT Services and Its Impact on Viewers and Traditional Media

RR Author May 12, 2022


This Real Research Media Report is a compilation of interesting findings gathered from thousands of honest, reliable, and organic respondents. In particular, this report is focused on OTT services and other forms of media consumption. Indeed, entertaining the public has evolved through the years and continues to do so with increasing creativity.

So far, we have transformed public entertainment options from town plays and local theatres to a global virtual stage. For a certain time, this virtual stage came in the form of television and cinemas. However, with the rapid adoption and expansion of the Internet, we have come to enjoy virtual entertainment services that go beyond broadcasting technology. To highlight, these include online streaming and Over-the-Top (OTT) media services.

In particular, the latter revolutionized the media-entertainment sector. For instance, it almost made cable TV obsolete. Now, viewers were in charge of their own entertainment. They choose when to entertain themselves as well as what to be entertained by. Truly, the time of OTT media services changed the media entertainment scene.