With the boom in technology, social media has changed the dimensions of entertainment. Most people like to interact with family and friends online plus it’s easier to stay connected with everyone around the globe. Similarly, content creators entertain people in multiple ways. One of the most popular ways is short-form videos. Hence, Tiktok videos and Instagram Reels are the most popular online. 

Real Research-an online survey app conducted a survey on public preference for short-form video platforms. The survey inquired about the short-form video content people like to watch. Also, the survey focused on the famous video platforms and what kind of short-form video respondents make. Let us see the results.


  • 56.94% watch video content to spend leisure time.
  • 79.71% have trouble watching long-form videos after getting used to short-form videos.
  • 53.78% said people prefer short-form videos due to summarized content.

Respondents Watch Video Content for Various Reasons

The first question asked respondents if they have ever used short-form video platforms. 90.76% said yes, while only 9.24% said no.

Moreover, the next question asked why respondents watch short-form video content. A majority of 56.94% said ‘to spend leisure time’. 19.11% said ‘to relieve stress’, and 8.63% said ‘to keep up with trends’. 6.13% said ‘to see other people’s lifestyle’.

Next, the survey asked what respondents’ preferred short-form video length was. The answers are as follows: Less than 15 seconds (47.93%), 15-30 seconds (21.68%), 30 seconds-1 minute (13.03%), 1-2 minutes (10.13%), more than 2 minutes (7.24%).

Figure 1 The majority prefer to watch videos less than 15 seconds
Figure 1: The majority prefer to watch videos less than 15 seconds

Furthermore, the next interesting question asked respondents if they ever have trouble watching long-form videos after getting used to watching short-form videos. 79.71% said yes, and 20.29% said no.

Likewise, the next question asked if there are any changes in the frequency of watching long-form videos after short-form videos. Correspondingly, 61.10% said yes they watch long-form videos less than before. 14.23% said yes, they watch long-form videos more than before. 13.38% said they are unsure about it. 11.29% said no, same as before.

52.15% Spend Less Than 10 Minutes per Day Watching Short-form Video Content

Accordingly, the survey also asked, how much time respondents spend watching short-form video content per day. 52.15% said less than 10 minutes, while 19.62% said 10-30 minutes. 10.26% said 30 minutes-1 hour.7.82% said 1-2 hours. Lastly, 5.34% said more than 3 hours.

Furthermore, the next question asked what type of short-form video content respondents enjoy the most. Answers are as follows: News (39.18%), Game (16.67%), Sports (9.63%), Music (7.09%), Movie (5.56%), Dance (4.92%), Stocks (3.68%), Fashion (2.79%).

Likewise, the following question asked what is the reason for the success of short-form videos. 53.78% said people nowadays tend to enjoy a variety of summarized content. 16.39% said it is suitable for modern people who want to enjoy content anytime, anywhere. 8.00% said people can select and watch only the important points. 5.23% said people can get as much information as possible in a short amount of time. 4.79% said anyone can easily create and share content. 4.54% said it costs less time and money to make videos.

Moreover, the next question inquired if the growth of short-form video content is expected to continue. 83.82% said yes, and 16.18% said no.

Figure 2 TikTok is the most preferred medium to watch short-form videos
Figure 2: TikTok is the most preferred medium to watch short-form videos

Following this, the next question asked which of the following platforms did respondents use to watch short-form videos. The majority of the respondents said TikTok (51.89%), Youtube Shorts (20.70%), and Instagram Reels (19.14%). Also, 8.27% said none.

Similarly, the next question asked which platform has the most variety of content. 47.74% said TikTok. 20.95% Instagram Reels, and 20.86% said YouTube Shorts.

Almost 50% Of Respondents Use TikTok To Use Short-form Video Content

Similarly, the next question asked, which platform has the best recommendation system. 48.74% said TikTok, and 20.90% said YouTube Shorts. In addition, 19.57% said Instagram Reels. 10.78% said they are unsure.

Furthermore, the next question asked which of the platform has the most interesting and creative content. 50.57% said TikTok. Whereas, 20.07% said YouTube Shorts. 19.04% said Instagram Reels. 10.32% said unsure.

The next question inquired which platform respondents use to make short-form videos. 48.09% said TikTok, and 21.03% said YouTube Shorts. In addition, 20.41% said Instagram Reels, and 10.46% said none.

In addition, the survey inquired about which of the platforms costs the least time and money to make a video. Correspondingly, 49.29% said TikTok, 19.73% said YouTube Shorts, and 18.82% said Instagram Reels.

Figure 3 around 20% think Youtube shorts have the best video editing capabilities
Figure 3: around 20% think Youtube shorts have the best video editing capabilities

The survey then asked which of the following platforms has the best video editing capabilities. 49.05% said TikTok. 20.06% Youtube Shorts, and 19.13% said Instagram Reels. 11.76% said unsure.

Concluding the survey, the last question asked which short-form video platform respondents think will eventually occupy the number one market share. 53.73% said TikTok, and Youtube Shorts 24.46%. 0.64% said unsure.


Survey TitlePublic Preference for Short-Form Video Platforms
DurationJune 09 – June 16, 2022
Number of Participants30,000
DemographicsMales and females, aged 21 to 99
Participating Countries Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, China (Hong Kong) China (Macao), China (Taiwan), Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Greanada, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Maldives, Maluritania, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar [Burma], Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe.