They say crypto is borderless — thanks to the ever-growing rise of cryptocurrencies, we are living in an increasingly borderless world.


  • San Francisco is the world’s capital for Bitcoin transactions.
  • Small cities like Ljubljana or Tampa are among the top 10 Bitcoin hotspots.
  • Nations in economic crises have been adopting Bitcoin usage widely.

And when users exchange Bitcoin or receive some as a payment method for a job, it is. But what if a person wants to spend Bitcoin (BTC) in person? As BTC and other cryptocurrencies like Tether or Binance begin to take off, some world places are embracing crypto more than others.

Crypto enthusiasts worldwide (or even the curious) might immediately think of tech hubs like Singapore or Seoul in South Korea: those are prominent bitcoin hotspots. However, there are surprising crypto-cities popping up like Amsterdam, Ljubljana, or Tel Aviv. Nowadays, even South America — represented by Buenos Aires — has a place in the top 10 bitcoin hotspots around the world.

Multiple media channels have been emphasizing the important bitcoin hotspots around the world. Dan Blystone, for Investopedia, measured the top 10 bitcoin hotspots in 2020. The journalist compiled the list considering three main metrics: the number of bitcoin ATMs available per city, the number of merchants accepting bitcoin as a means of payment, and the population size relative to bitcoin activity. Through Coinmap, the journalist located businesses accepting bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ATMs across the world.

Restaurants, spas, or even yoga sessions; everything can be purchased with Bitcoin in these cities. Get to know the top 10 below.

Please note that if you aspire to check the bitcoin hotspots as of today, you can always use Coinmap.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco has long been considered the center of innovation and technology in the United States. Not surprisingly, the tech hub leads the list. With nearly 880,000 people, the city counts with almost thirty merchants accepting bitcoin, including a bakery, nine restaurants, bars, a psychiatrist vineyard, and a business consultant. If cross-walkers aim to withdraw or purchase bitcoin on the street, they will also find nineteen ATMs.

San Francisco is also home to famous cryptocurrency trading platforms designated in the field as crypto exchanges: Coinbase and Kraken.

Vancouver, Canada

Canada was one of the first countries to have taken regulatory measures to embrace virtual currencies. Predictably, Bitcoin has a strong community in Canada, and Vancouver is known as the ‘Bitcoin Capital.’ It is common to see signboards with  ‘Bitcoin Accepted Here’ written over them.

Again, more than two dozen merchants accept bitcoin, and residents can find an impressive amount of nearly 40 Bitcoin ATMs. As a matter of curiosity, the world’s first Bitcoin ATM originated in Vancouver in 2013, which allowed users to exchange their credits of the digital currency for cash and vice-versa.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the first European city on this list. With about a dozen bitcoin ATMs and over thirty businesses accepting Bitcoin, the Netherlands city takes third place. Bike rental, an antique ring shop, and a barbershop, among other merchants, already accept digital payments using Bitcoin.

The European city is also known to be the headquarters of the Bitfury mining hardware maker, and the popular BitPay, a payment service provider.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Slovenian capital, Slovenia, with a population of about 289 thousand, is the smallest bitcoin-city in our list. Ljubljana has only four bitcoin ATMs; however, it counts with roughly 200 merchants accepting bitcoin as a payment method.

The Slovenians also founded the popular bitcoin exchange Bitstamp before it settled its operations in London and Luxembourg.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel can seem a conservative country; however, it is actually home to multiple businesses. Tel Aviv is a financial center and one of the leading cities for startups. The Israeli city has a population of 451,000 and counts with over a dozen merchants accepting bitcoin and two bitcoin ATMs.

Moreover, the city hosts one of the most active Bitcoin meetups in the world, The Israel Bitcoin Meetup Group.

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is well-known for its business potential. Zurich is the largest city in the country with a population of more than 428,000, and it is Switzerland’s leading financial center.

The business hub counts with around two dozen businesses accepting bitcoin and over one dozen ATMs.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a city in the state of Florida, with around 392,000 residents. Despite serving a small population, the city is known to be crypto-friendly. There are more than 40 businesses that accept bitcoin payments and roughly 45 bitcoin ATMs where locals and tourists can withdraw and purchase the most famous cryptocurrency.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin America has been the stage for multiple humanitarian crises for the past years. In that sense, and with their currency losing value every day, adopting crypto seems like a solution in those countries,  like in Argentina.

Buenos Aires boasts the second place of Bitcoin businesses worldwide, and it is also called the ‘Bitcoin Capital’ of Argentina. Despite the vast population of almost 3 million, more than 100 merchants accept bitcoin, and 11 ATMs are placed around the city.

New York, USA

Many don’t see New York as crypto-friendly, but the financial and tech hub of 8.4 million people is the third American city on this list. New York provides its residents and tourists with over three dozen merchants in the five boroughs and counts with 14 ATMs.

New York is also known to headquarter Gemini, a famous crypto exchange. At the same time, Wall Street firms are part of exploring blockchain to use it as a tool for the finance industry. The city also hosts multiple cryptocurrency-related events.

London, England

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is home to almost 9 million residents. Being on the bottom of our list, the European capital of tourism is still considered one of the world’s top crypto-cities. It has an impressive amount of over 130 bitcoin ATMs, and about 50 merchants are accepting bitcoin as a means of payment in their businesses.

In fact, the London Theatre District was one of the first ticketing companies enabling bitcoin payments, and Coinfloor — a bitcoin exchange — claims to be the longest-running exchange in the world. This shows how crypto-friendly London has been for the past years.


Since 2009, when the first block was mined, Bitcoin has progressed a long way. Some international financial centers have been adopting Bitcoin for years, but what shows that cryptocurrencies are to stay is the fact that smaller cities like Ljubjiana or developing cities such as Buenos Aires are also top adopters of the cryptocurrency. Other regions broadly embracing bitcoin are Cyprus, Malta, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe.