Health and beauty supplements are meant to “supplement” a diet with various components in which it’s insufficient. These help support, nourish, and enhance the quality of life for various purposes. Health and beauty supplements have become prominent in recent years due to changes in lifestyle choices, an increase in awareness and knowledge about supplements, the influence of social media, and more. 

Real Research conducted a survey on the topic to gauge public opinions; as such, the survey revealed that many prioritize health supplements over beauty supplements, as agreed with by 60.73% of respondents. While a further 18.41% prioritize beauty supplements, 16.57% prioritize both types of supplements equally. Additionally, 4.29% reported not consuming any supplements at all. 

The above indicates that consumers would prioritize health in terms of wellness rather than beauty. 

More commonly, 21.38% determine what supplement to consume based on a doctor’s recommendation, whereas others determine based on personal research (21.37%), recommendations from a friend/family (19.73%), and advertisements (14.91%). 

Most Common Health and Beauty Supplements– Voted by Respondents 

The survey also gathered the most commonly-consumed health and beauty supplements. Results revealed that “multivitamins” is the most popular health supplement (11.16%). Followed by Vitamin C (10.85%), Omega-3 (8.31%), Vitamin D (7.38%), and probiotics (6.75%). 

As far as beauty supplements are concerned, antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, and E are the most popular (13.24%), followed by royal jelly (11.89%), collagen (9.91%), biotin (6.45%), and green tea extract (6.97%). 

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Effectiveness of Health and Beauty Supplements 

Supplements for health and beauty can have varying effects from person to person, depending on individual body types. To determine how respondents weigh out the effectiveness of different health and beauty supplements, a survey poll revealed that they do so based on personal experience (16.33%), recommendations from friends and family (15.89%), customer reviews (13.86%), doctor’s feedback (12.62%), and brand reputation (13.38%). 

The above highlights that personal experience may sometimes determine opinions about the effectiveness of supplements than doctors’ recommendations. 

Are Health and Beauty Supplements Effective?

Finally, the responses in the survey revealed that nearly 50.36% noticed a difference in their health or appearance upon consuming health or beauty supplements. 23.84% note that they did not see any considerable differences in either. 

This highlights that supplements work differently on each body type. 

Are Health and Beauty Supplements Necessary?

While various nutrient deficiencies mandate people to consume supplements, it is not necessary by any means. In fact, it is important to note that supplements are only “supplementary” to one’s diet and not the primary source of nutrition. 

As such, the survey demonstrates that supplements are “very necessary,” according to a majority of respondents (36.17%). 30.57% feel it is “somewhat necessary”. Only 3.21% feel they are unnecessary. 

These indicate that many feel it may be vital to consume supplements due to possible nutritional deficiencies or to maintain or improve their health. Meanwhile, some feel it is not always required because supplements are only supplementary to one’s dietary nutrition. 

In conclusion, health and beauty supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years, with a wide variety of options available on the market. While many people believe in the effectiveness of these supplements, there is still ongoing debate and research about their actual benefits and potential risks. Individuals need to do their research and consult with healthcare professionals before starting any supplement regimen. 

Moreover, although health and beauty supplements may offer some benefits, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits remain the foundation for maintaining optimal health and wellness.

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Survey: Public Preference for Health and Beauty Supplements

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