You must’ve heard about foldable smartphones, but have you heard about bendable smartphones? 

Motorola, owned by Chinese tech giant Lenovo, showcased its bendable phone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. 

Since it is a product concept, there are equal chances of the concept working out and not working out.

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A representative demonstrated the flexibility of the phone by bending and wearing it on the wrist at the MWC. The phone could also be bent in two to stand on the table. 

Moreover, the representative stated that the phone was “contextually aware” of the way the information was displayed. 

Hence, when worn on the wrist, the apps appear on the screen that covers the top part of the wrist. 

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The representative further stated that the phone could be used as an accessory that could be worn on the wrist. 

Once a picture is taken of the dress, the phone then produces a screen that matches the dress, and then it can be worn as an accessory complementing the style.

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