Are you nodding off at your desk after lunch? Well… you’re not the only one. 

Why Does the Post-Lunch Slump Occur?

Many of us experience a post-lunch slump, usually after a big meal. After you load up on heavy, high-carb meals, your body has to work harder to digest them, and you might feel more tired and unfocused.

For some people, their internal clock also plays a part, making them feel tired in the afternoon even without a heavy meal. Some may also feel exhausted by mid-afternoon if they skip breakfast and lunch altogether and need to remember to keep themselves hydrated during the day.

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Beat That Afternoon Crash

You can start by eating a balanced lunch with protein, healthy fats, fiber, and complex carbs to help you overcome the post-lunch slump. However, protein-rich foods like chicken, tofu, or beans will keep you fuller and energized for longer.

Meanwhile, have enough water intake to stay hydrated. You can also carry your favorite herbal tea or infused water if you’re not a fan of plain water.

Want to get your blood flowing? 

Have a quick walk break by yourself or do some stretching exercises at your desk to get rid of that afternoon crash. If you can, take a 10-20 minute power nap during your lunch break to boost your productivity.

It is important to keep in mind that this could also be a sign of the body experiencing more stress in certain environments. So, once in a while, make sure to take it down a notch and focus on your mental health to increase your productivity.

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Apart from these quick fixes, getting into a healthy afternoon routine can keep you refreshed all day long. 

You can make these small changes and push through every day at work or home like a boss!

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