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We welcome you to download Real Research app for Android and iOS. Join our community of 2.4 million users from around the world and enjoy countless surveys and rewards.


Real Research is an exceptional app that helps data gathering and drives companies to realize their full potential. Real Research offers a highly secure, and efficient ecosystem using blockchain and smart contracts. In spite of this, companies can conduct surveys and acquire data from real respondents at an affordable cost. Also, companies can upload and broadcast video commercials within the app.

Beyond this, a reward system ensures that users are rewarded. Users can store and withdraw TNC Coin rewards with a secure in-app digital wallet.

Download Real Research to answer polls, receive notifications of new exciting surveys, and get crypto rewards directly to your in-app wallet. You can also monitor progress via a real-time tracker on the app.

All user profiles are securely stored on a robust blockchain network, so no hacking and result manipulation.

Real Research app is a user-friendly application that makes survey participation easy and convenient. Users can download the Real Research app from Google PlayStore or iOS App Store and participate in surveys absolutely free of cost. Users can start earning crypto rewards for every survey they participate.

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  1. For queries on "How To Setup The Application," "How To Verify Your Account," And "How To Earn Rewards," and many others, please refer to our user manual.
  2. To know about the current surveys, please check our ongoing surveys section, and for results, please check our survey insights.
  3. For all other questions, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]. We would be glad to answer you.