The age-old question presented itself once more, can money buy happiness? 

Well, I don’t know about you, but to me, it definitely does. 

Don’t tell me that shopping, traveling, and getting in expensive cars aren’t going to make you happy, because that’s just delusional!

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Do you disagree with me? I have research to back me up! 

Research shows that the majority of people in the United States are generally happier when they earn more; however, there’s a limit. The study revealed that emotional well-being rises with income increases, but it doesn’t progress beyond an annual income of $75,000. 

However, ‘because, of course, some people have to disagree,’ approximately 20% of the participants were labeled the “unhappy minority.” These people get happier with rising income, then hit a plateau where no amount of extra money is going to make them happy.

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The 20% minority tends to experience negative situations that cannot be alleviated by earning more money. The study mentioned heartbreak and clinical depression as examples of these negative situations. 

Lastly, the study claimed that there’s an exception. For people who are rich and miserable, more money won’t increase their happiness. But for everyone else, more money was indeed associated with higher happiness, to a certain extent.

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