In today’s world, celebrities are dealing with “cancel culture,”  where people try to stop supporting them, and they face a lot of pressure to meet high expectations and be accountable for their actions. 

The aftermath of this year’s Met Gala has sparked a powerful movement aimed at holding celebrities accountable for their silence regarding the Palestinian plight amidst Israeli aggression. 

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Dubbed the “Blockout 2024” campaign, social media users are digitally boycotting renowned figures, from Hollywood actors to social media influencers, by blocking them on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. You know social media plays a big role in celebrities’ lives, and if their “fans” turn on them, then there won’t be much they can do about it. 

The goal? To diminish their social media reach and impact their earnings from lucrative advertising deals. 

Below is an example of the arguments social media users have raised against the rich and famous Hollywood artists who attended the prestigious annual Met Gala.

Fans joined the “Blockout 2024” movement against Camila Cabello, who chose an expensive ice purse for the Met Gala. People criticized her for spending so much money, especially during global problems.

Certain users believe this “Blockout 2024” movement can actually do a lot of damage to these celebrities’ social media reputations. A Tiktoker supporting Blockout 2024 said. “When we hate on them, they make money. When we praise them, they make money. But when we block their social media accounts and completely forget their names, they lose it all.” 

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All in all, the “BlockOut 2024” trend is about getting attention for social issues by blocking celebrities who aren’t using their fame to help make things better. 

This trend also shows that many people are unhappy with celebrity culture because famous people often seem out of touch with real-world issues. By blocking celebrities, the movement wants to make them more responsible and use their fame to support important causes.

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