Blockchain technology has brought security, speed, and opportunities to create a new gaming era and drive true adoption in the industry. Blockchain gaming gained popularity among various players, as our study sponsored by PlayFuel shows.


  • 45.23% of the respondents affirmed playing blockchain games very often.
  • The ability for players to own and trade in-game items is the reason number one for this mass adoption.
  • 42.13% of crypto users are willing to buy assets from upcoming gaming mainnets.

Through Real Research, the upcoming blockchain gaming platform PlayFuel conducted a survey to understand gamers’ preferences and needs around the world. From the beginning, the gaming platform tried to understand the scale of blockchain gaming adoption, and surprisingly, the majority of the respondents are familiar and do play often.

Cryptocurrency-related news websites, such as Cointelegraph,  elaborate blockchain technology becoming a phenomenon in various economic areas — and the gaming industry represents a massive piece of the pie.

The mass adoption of blockchain gaming might be related to the inherent technology. The industry can directly benefit from using blockchain technology for gaming. Gamers collect significant profits from playing games onto the blockchain, from in-game rewards, as well as the possibility to trade while playing.

To the question, “Do you play or ever played blockchain-based games?”, 45.23% of the respondents affirmed playing very often, while 22.40%  said they play sometimes. Even though 16.8% of the participants confirm playing blockchain games rarely, this means they are familiarized with the industry. Only 12.13% of the respondents said, ‘No.’

In a sample of 4000 participants (100%), 3377 (84.43%) respondents play blockchain games regardless of how often. Hence, we can conclude that blockchain gaming is becoming a remarkable phenomenon in the gaming industry, having positive economic consequences on a global scale.

Own and Trade In-Game Items Tops The Reasons Why Blockchain Gaming is Successful

The PlayFuel project aims to offer its players the possibility to earn game rewards with real value and enhanced gameplay. The platform also introduces the trade-as-you-play and earn-as-you-play features. This helps cater to the high technical demands of gamers, game developers, and game investors.

PlayFuel allows players to own and trade in-game items. It is the top reason why players prefer blockchain gaming. 45.38% of the respondents chose this option in answering the question, ‘What do you think is the biggest advantage offered by blockchain games?.’

The ability for players to earn money (earn-as-you-play) comes in second place, with 29.53% of the responses. It is followed by ‘the ability to build stronger communities’ with 11.88%. Finally, with 6.20% ‘the ability for developers to run more flexible in-game economies’.

65.08% of the Respondents Would Buy Crypto From Upcoming Gaming Mainnets

To the question, “Do you/ would you buy cryptocurrencies from upcoming gaming mainnets?”, 42.13% said they would definitely buy assets from future gaming mainnets, and 22.95% agreed depending on the features — this totals to  65.08% of the respondents willing to buy assets from upcoming platforms.

As shown below, 53.17% of the respondents answered ‘the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies as I play’. Another upcoming tool on the PlayFuel gaming mainnet is the mine-as-you-play feature. The answer in second place is that it also offers exclusive rewards.


Insights derived from Real Research’s “Public Preferences on Blockchain Gaming” fielded to male adults in South Korea, UAE, USA, Japan, Australia in November 2020.

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