People pay for their music globally, and their favorite platform to do so is Spotify!


  • Spotify is the favorite music platform among respondents.
  • Around 70% of the participants enjoy music live shows.
  • 4% of the participants listen to pop music every day.
  • Music helps people calming down and releasing daily stress.

The radio appeared some decades ago, in 1895, through the amazing invention of Guglielmo Marconi. It was that time that music started to be part of people’s lives on a daily basis. Over the years that followed, people listened to music on radio, vinyl records, cassettes, or CDs.

Currently, we buy music online on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, or Youtube Premium, but many still continue to prefer traditional vinyl or CDs due to their novelty nowadays. This proves that until today music can play a fundamental role in people’s lives — it does!

In this in-depth research, we were able to understand that the great majority of respondents listen to music every day, go to concerts, and subscribe to paid music platforms.

People Discover New Releases on Radio But Purchase Music on Spotify

To the question, “What is your primary source for discovering new releases by new artists?”, in a spectrum of 3000 participants, 1989 (33.15%) answered ‘broadcast radio’. This shows that despite all the music streaming platforms, the radio keeps leading in delivering and advertising new songs.

With 1318 answers (21.97%) follows ‘recommendation,’ and in third place, we have iTunes with 995 responses (16.58%). In discovering new releases, platforms like social media or Spotify occupy the last positions.

Even though Spotify is the least favorite in discovering new releases, with only 94 responses (1.57%), it comes in the first place when considering the preferred platforms to buy music.

To the question, “Where do you buy your music most frequently?”, 1633 (27.22%) respondents affirmed buying music on Spotify. The traditional but never out fashioned CDs and Vinyl come in second, with 1305 (21.75%) respondents. Amazon, iTunes, and others follow the list, with 1054(17.57%), 700 (11.67%), and 533 (8.88%) respondents, respectively.

Not everyone buys music or supports artists by purchasing CDs or subscriptions. To this question, 799 (13.32%) respondents affirmed not buying music at all.

People Subscribe to Music Streaming Services But Don’t Sign Up for Email Lists

To the question, “How much do you spend on music streaming services every month?”, a total of 86.98% of the respondents affirmed subscribing to paid streaming services, with only 13.02% saying they don’t spend on music streaming.

The most common answer was ‘less than $10’ monthly with 2169 (36.15%) respondents. It is followed by ‘more than $20 but less than $50’ with 1228 (20.47%) respondents, ‘$50 of more’ with 991 (16.52%) respondents, and ‘more than $10 but less than $20’ with 855 (14.25%) respondents.

In parallel, it is surprising that most of the participants don’t sign up for email lists of the artists they like. Despite the small difference between both options, respondents still prefer to not sign up.

To the question, “Do you sign up for email lists for the artists you like?”, 3219 (53.65%) respondents said ‘No’ toward 2805 (46.75%) saying ‘Yes.’

The comparison between both charts shows that even though people subscribe to music channels and streaming platforms, they prefer to have the control to choose when to receive the information on their favorite bands or singers.

Music Makes People Happier

Real Research surveyed their users on what music makes them feel. To the question, “What’s your favorite thing about music?”, the main responses are related to feelings, with respondents affirming that music helps them in less positive moments.

2085 (34.75%) respondents said music helps them get through rough times, and 1528 (25.47%) affirmed music can calm down. This was followed by ‘it makes happy times even happier’ with 1404 (23.4%) responses, and 546 (9.1%) answered ‘it wakes me up.’

The last options being chosen were ‘I don’t know’ and ‘other’, with 357 (5.95%) and 104 respondents (1.73%), respectively.

In parallel, people listen to pop music every day — perhaps it makes them happy.

Pop music has a captive place in people’s ears and hearts. To the question, “How often do you listen to pop music?”, 2688 (44.8%) respondents affirmed listening to pop music every day. Almost the other half listens to this genre at least once a week, with 2037 (33.95%) respondents.

After understanding that music is directly connected to people’s feelings and emotions, it is curious to perceive that pop music is part of their lives on a daily or weekly basis.


Insights derived from Real Research’s “Public Opinion on Music Trends” survey fielded on November 23, to 3000 respondents of all ages.

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