Real Research is a blockchain-based survey application for conducting credible surveys and acquiring authentic results. It has reached an incredible milestone of 3 million+ users comprising over 165 countries.

The survey platform provides space for data collection via fast and trustworthy surveys from real qualified respondents around the world. Using blockchain technology, it’s a secure environment for acquiring, real, instant, and unbiased data.

1. Cost-Effective

Organizations, enterprises, academes, and governments can acquire real and unbiased data through conducting surveys at an affordable cost. Real Research offers its innovative platform at a fraction of the price of other professional survey services. Additionally, sponsors can conduct personalized surveys such as the Basid survey, to acquire data at an affordable cost.

Actually, utilizing our blockchain network enables us to provide services at a very affordable cost. With our efficient decentralized application, institutions can opt to facilitate surveys on their own with a guarantee that participating respondents are qualified.

Sponsors can access the portal at no cost by completing the Real Research app registration. Without intermediaries, we are capable of carrying out your survey from creation, publishing, survey evaluation, to report generation. Therefore, we are capable of offering prices ten times lower than the average companies.

2. Targeted Feedback

Market analysts and researchers can take advantage of our global panel to get responses for their surveys. More so, with an established global community, your project is seen and heard by people from all around the world. Through market segmentation, we can target the right audience to participate in your surveys.

Above all, we also understand that some surveys require a related set of respondent profiles to fit the research study. Even more, sponsors can filter the survey respondents to ensure that the survey data is derived from adequate respondents. Thus, users can set filters and advanced filters to reach a niche targeted audience for their surveys.

Here is an example:

ABBC Coin targeting crypto users – Listing ABBC Coin in Binance and Other Top Exchanges.

3. Quick Data for Analysis

To guarantee credibility and transparency, participants can easily view survey progress and results in real-time. Likewise, with a high user base, the surveys attain quick responses within a short frame of time. More so, this guarantees a fair representation and precise data from the participants.

As focused market research demands, we offer an advanced tool that can filter qualified respondents for the survey. Additionally, utilizing blockchain technology enhanced with smart contracts, our results are accurate and immutable.

There are two options to check survey details for Sponsors. Firstly, there is Detail Analysis (select each answer) and then Cross Analysis (using KYC information). As an aspiring top technology provider for research, we have strategically aligned our product to the needs of our target market.

4. Larger Audience

The survey platform has achieved a credible milestone and has reached above 3 million users. As a result, big companies such as McDonald’s have the ability and advantage to utilizing a wider global panel for trustworthy research. Furthermore, the panel comprises diverse countries, nationalities, age groups, and professions among the list.

The app supports four languages, which are, English, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. Likewise, the Sponsor Portal supports the following five languages English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. We also reach a wider target audience other than English speakers. Our surveys have a duration for completion, the response time from the participants is overwhelming.

Examples of Customer Satisfaction Surveys –

  1. McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction
  2. Zara’s Shopping Experience
  3. YouTube Premium Subscription Survey

5. Data Visualization

After answering surveys, Real Research provides insights for its users. From these insights, participants can view the overall results and statistical analysis of the published surveys. We use visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps to present our data clearly and accurately.

One of the most significant advantages of data visualization is that it allows us to absorb large amounts of data at the literal glimpse of an eye. Utilizing graphic presentations, data is presented cohesively and clearly. Thus the panel can easily access data and knowledge about a particular topic.

6. User Privacy

The platform merges the advantages of blockchain, big data, and data analytics to protect, store, collect, optimize, and present survey data. As a result, the platform is secure, user-friendly, and responsive. With the blockchain technology patent, sponsors and participants can benefit from strengthened data security.

Due to its unhackable nature, personal information is protected both for sponsors and users. Data within the app is encrypted and protected to avoid any discrepancies and manipulation. In our services, data is stored on the blockchain with access to Big Data technology.

Real Research also leverages blockchain’s Proof-of-zero-knowledge protocol. Through this function, respondents can do the survey anonymously without the need to reveal their personal information to the businesses.

7. Improve Brand Image

Find out what your audience thinks by gathering feedback via surveys. The Buyaladdin application garnered positive feedback from its clientele. By doing so you will elevate your brand image. Therefore, companies and governments are capable of measuring customer/citizen satisfaction levels, analyzing customer behavior, and monitoring market inclinations using our platform.

Also, we are capable of analyzing and validating all information utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts. We use blockchain technology to facilitate obtained survey and voting data, and validate survey respondents’ profiles. Above all, this service enables genuine answers from real users.

8. Easy Implementation

Participants can download the Real Research application for Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store) for free. Users will be able to participate in surveys using a free app, available on all operating systems, and secured by smart contracts.

On another note, the customer support team can be easily reached and are very quick to respond. Users can directly send their inquiries, concerns, and suggestions.

9. In-App Surveys

Create Own Survey

Users can create new surveys and deploy speedy surveys to gain genuine and reliable findings. To create your own surveys, use the Sponsor Portal on your PC or laptop.

Make Survey Inquiry

Request the Real Research team to create a survey for you based on the survey title and description provided.

Free Survey With Friends

To create free surveys for friends, users need to first synchronize their mobile contacts in the Real Research app. Users can conduct a private survey on the Sponsor portal for friends who have accounts on the app.

Received Survey

Users can see multiple surveys on the received survey tab based on the availability in the app, including Ongoing/Participated/Completed.

Survey Results and Insights

Users can check survey results through the app or directly on Real Research Media.

Real Research also provides an in-app advertising platform for sponsors and independent advertisers.

10. Survey Rewards

Real Research participants can benefit from getting reward coins for participating in surveys regardless of country or location. Real Research signed partnerships with TNC Group and ABBC Foundation. Signing this partnership is a huge breakthrough for all the companies.

Thanks to this new partnership, TNC Coins and ABBC Coins will be given as a Reward Coin on the Real Research platform. In-app advertisements will play after every survey. After answering all the survey questions, users must watch the ads to collect the survey participation rewards from each survey.

In conclusion, the platform aims to cater to the marketing needs of every business by supporting companies in carrying out market research and surveys. Sponsors can promote and advertise products, brands, events, Youtube videos, and more on the Real Research platform.