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Providing Authentic Surveys and Credible Results for Our Users Across the Globe

Real Research is an innovative, authentic, and reliable platform that offers its services to a large clientele worldwide. With over 3 million users from over 165 countries, the platform provides a space for data collection via fast and trustworthy surveys from real qualified respondents around the world. Sponsors can promote and advertise products, brands, businesses, events, Youtube videos, and more on the Real Research platform. They can also conduct free surveys using the private survey feature.

About Us

Over 20 Years Of Experience. We'll Ensure You Always Get The Best Possible Results

Real Research is a secure environment that aims to cater to the research and marketing needs of every business. We offer companies a platform where they can conveniently conduct surveys and acquire data from real qualified respondents. By leveraging the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Real Research offers a highly secure, efficient, and reliable ecosystem for data gathering. Our main goal is to help business owners produce and deliver strong research backed up by real and unmanipulated data.


Real Research Features

Compatible With Mobile Devices

Real Research offers user-friendly services that enable all to create and respond to surveys at anytime from anywhere using a mobile device.

Real Research Sponsor Portal

Researchers and marketers can easily publish and conduct surveys exclusively for a selected target audience using the Sponsor Portal.

Reward System

Participate in Real Research surveys to earn crypto rewards after completion.

Activity Report

Analyse survey results and provide solutions from a large panel audience of over 3 million global users.

Protected KYC Data

Respondents’ profiles and data are securely stored and maintained via blockchain technology.


Displays the count of survey respondents completing the survey, and survey results in real-time

In-App Advertising Platform

Upload banners and video ads using in-app advertisements on the Real Research platform.

In-App Crypto Wallet

Collect, store, and withdraw cryptocurrency rewards with a secure digital wallet.

RR Application

Create And Respond To Surveys On Your Smart Device!

The Real Research Mobile Survey App is a convenient e-survey application focused on facilitating a data-gathering process made easy and convenient for respondents. With the app, participants with different demographics can answer surveys anytime.

The app counts on top-tier security features. It cannot be controlled, tampered, or compromised by the survey producers or their business rivals. The Real Research market research system is decentralized and secured against any hacking or result manipulation.

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  • Number of TNC issued

  • Number of Countries


Three Core Features

Accurate Survey Results

One of the major advantages of using the Real Research App is that we deploy surveys very fast to our audience across the globe. Also, our data cannot be easily manipulated thereby offering authentic survey results to our panel(sponsor). Aside from acquiring results in real-time, users can check survey results in depth using Cross Analysis and Detailed Analysis. After participating in surveys,

one can view the results by reading insights published on the Real Research media platform.

Cost-Efficient and Reliable

Real Research offers an innovative platform at a fraction of the price of professional polling services. Having our own blockchain network allowed us to provide RR applications at a very affordable cost. With our efficient decentralized application, institutions can opt to facilitate polling and surveys on their own with a guarantee that participating respondents are qualified

and verified by blockchain technology. Within our platform, all the information is shared with the users' knowledge, and their identity is always kept private.

Real-Time Survey Results

Real Research enables our users to check survey results in real-time through the Real Research Sponsor Portal while the survey is still in progress, providing not only primary results but also more detailed analysis methods; Detailed analysis and Cross analysis. Moreover, with smart device compatibility, users can publish surveys for more than 4 million multinational users from 180 countries,

and observe real-time survey results anytime and anywhere from their mobile device or desktop without any hassle.

Our Target Market

As an aspiring top technology provider for research, we have strategically aligned our product to the needs of our target market. Real Research aims to offer an adequate tool capable to serve business enterprises and government institutions, both huge economic drivers. With an established global community, you can make sure your project will be seen and heard by people worldwide.

Academic Researchers

Utilize Scholarly Sources For Detailed Studies


Build Customer Awareness and Brand Operations

Research Agencies

Segment and Target Your Niche Market

Political Organizations

Launch Non-Partisan Election Polls

Promote Your Business

Promoting Your Business to a Wider Target

Real Research is a market research platform designed to assist business enterprises in reaching wider targets by promoting their business. Companies can attain a large niche of targets with ease and efficient speed through promotional ads and surveys.

By using video and banner ads, Sponsors can gain higher exposure from a wide target audience. The ads will be displayed to your targets once they complete the survey. With over 3 million users on the Real Research platform, your business is guaranteed increased visibility worldwide.

For further information, please contact us:

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Real Research gathers the experience of expert professionals

Survey Management

Real Research is capable of carrying out your survey from creation, publishing, survey evaluation, to report generation.

Blockchain Surveys

We use blockchain technology to facilitate obtained survey and voting data, and validate survey respondents’ profiles.

Real-Time Updates

To guarantee credibility, we allow participants to monitor progress via a real-time tracker on our app and portal.

Set Target Audience

Sponsors can select a target audience to participate in surveys. With this feature, you are guaranteed credible responses from the right audience.

In-App Advertisement Marketing

In-app advertising will be available for clients to promote their advocacy, products, and services using video ads.

Decentralized Polling System

Response answers in polls and questionnaires will be transparently and securely recorded on the blockchain.

Intensive Customer Profiling

As focused market research demands, we offer an advanced tool that can filter qualified respondents’ profiles.

Campaign Effect Analysis

Through unbiased political polling, Real Research can measure the impact of a specific political campaign on citizens.

Real Research Book

Learn more about Real Research by reading this comprehensive book.

The real research ecosystem has been an exciting revolution in survey technology. By integrating blockchain with the existing survey industry, the Real Research team managed to enhance the security, efficiency, and reliability of data gathering methods applied in the market. Because of these innovations, users can access many benefits when they choose to use Real Research to gather data. To learn more about Real Research and how we create the innovations that we have, you can read this book in the link below.

Why Choose Real Research

Real Research invested in blockchain technology to instill transparency and fairness in research
data gathering. Our innovative tool allows businesses to conduct market research and political
agencies to gauge public opinion. We ensure results were concluded in a stringent process fairly
and securely facilitated on the blockchain.

Our Portal is Free to Register

Users will be able to participate in surveys using a free app, available on all operating systems, and secured by smart contracts.

We Utilize Blockchain Technology

All of our services are provided and secured through blockchain. Real Research protects companies and user’s data.

We Serve the Various Industries

We cater to the marketing needs of every business by supporting companies in carrying out market research and surveys.

Real Research Partners

Real Research is working in partnership with prominent companies and businesses in diverse fields. With this, Real Research is able to offer unique, innovative, and advanced technological solutions that cater to the needs of its users worldwide.

In partnership with the leading players in the blockchain industry, we will continue to innovate our suite of solutions to adhere to the dynamic demands of blockchain companies.

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